About Us

Motivated to Elevate the Standards


Elevated Softgels was founded by three hemp industry veterans motivated to help the industry elevate the standards of what it means to manufacture softgels according to GMP standards, and at unprecedented scale.  Once the hemp industry received permanent protections as part of the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, Elevated Softgels began investing and procuring the most state of the art, European engineered, vegan and bovine softgel machinery, as well as building out our amazing facility to GMP standards.  It took over a year but, but our 15,000 sq ft facility now has the capability to produce over 3,000,000 softgels per day.  

You may know our founders.  TM Mahlum (right) is a tenacious hemp industry veteran with deep expertise in hemp derived softgels.  She was previously the plant manager at another softgel company, and now serves as your main point of contact for ensuring your order exceeds or meets your expectations. TM's sidekick is Andy Kester (middle), who holds a Doctorate in Public Health and a masters degree in Nutrition.  He too has extensive softgel experience and has been formulating with hemp products for well over 4 years.  Your products are in exceptional hands with Andy. Chris Fagan (left) is an Army veteran, serial entrepreneur with multiple exits to include one hemp brand, and serves as the company's Chairman.